Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Help Desk Services: Measuring the Benefits and Drawbacks

December 18, 2023
Outsourcing Help Desk Services

Help desk outsourcing is one of those strategies that changed the game for organizations. The blog is going to talk about the same topic that highlights the major advantages and drawbacks of help desk outsourcing. Not just this, we have shared some facts regarding the topic so you can make informed decisions according to your business objectives.

Let’s Check Out The Facts First

First, businesses in the United States experience an annual loss of $4.7 trillion. It was all due to inadequate customer service. After that, numerous organizations aim to outsource their help desks to enhance the user experience.

A remarkable 83% of customers express their satisfaction with the help desk solutions provided.—Furthermore, 91% of individuals express their willingness to purchase from an organization that delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Based on the HubSpot Annual State of Service Report, 91% of employees have attested to the positive impact of a help desk on their productivity.

From 2021 to 2025, the outsourcing industry is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 4%, paving the way for expansion and progress.

Companies outsource help desk functions for cost savings. Industry reports suggest up to 30-40% operational cost reduction, enabling better resource allocation.

Help Desk Outsourcing: When You Need a Superhero for Your Tech Troubles!

Trust takes years to build, but ‘Help desk outsourcing’ made the journey easier than before. Now, businesses are open to trusting outsiders. In fact, smart businesses indulge in help desk outsourcing to enhance their customer support services through external service providers. 

It’s like onboarding a dedicated team of industry professionals to assist your customers. These professionals can help your customers no matter where they are. With specialized help desk teams, businesses can benefit from their expertise, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. It’s always a win-win situation.

Help Desk Outsourcing: When You Need a Superhero for Your Tech Troubles!

Help Desk Outsourcing Pros: Unlocking The Power Of Expert Assistance

Here are some pros of help desk outsourcing that can benefit your business in terms of efficiency, business continuity and seamless operations.

Focused Business Growth With More Time

The first and the major reason to outsource IT help desk services is to get more time to be creative. Now, businesses have more ways to enhance their concentration on their major task by leaving the technical side to professionals. Help desk services allow businesses to be more innovative and work on launching new products and services. 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Now, businesses have an edge in utilizing their external teams to handle and resolve queries properly. It helps businesses to boost operational efficiency and reduce the workload for their in-house team. The best way to focus on other business matters, leading to improved overall performance.

Enhanced Accessibility

Customer service is the king of business, and business is the queen. Help desk services come in handy by providing businesses with a team of professionals who can scale up or down based on the needs of employees and customers. Businesses can use help desk services to ensure their employees easily access customer service and support.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By providing customers with round-the-clock customer service and support, businesses can guarantee a more satisfying experience for their customers. A good customer service team is key to gaining loyal customers and creating long-term relationships. Help desk services are an effective way of ensuring that your customers have reliable access to assistance when needed.

Savings on Costs

If you desire to save some money, this is the best idea you can ever have. Businesses outsource help desk services to reduce the bigger budgets, which leads to cost savings techniques. Now, businesses can cut labour costs by leveraging outsourcing destinations without the hassle of extra investments in infrastructure and technology operations.

Access to Skilled Expertise

Help desk services let organizations collaborate with industry professionals who are truly valuable in every aspect. These experts are tech-savvy and extremely helpful in resolving issues and boosting overall efficiency. 

 Focus on Core Competencies

With the help of outsourcing help desk services, businesses make informed decisions and solely focus on their core organizational goals without hassle. It helps organizations develop more streamlined and strategic approaches to maintain business operations.

Advancements in Technology

Help desk services professionals know all the latest tools and techniques to run business operations on time and point. The professionals know all the trends and updates to maintain the business decorum so that companies can be reassured about the latest technological trends and investments.

Help Desk Outsourcing Cons: The Downsides (Don't Say We Didn't Warn You)

Help Desk Outsourcing Cons: The Downsides (Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You)

Help desk outsourcing can have several drawbacks that can negatively impact your business regarding efficiency, business continuity, and smooth operations.

Extra Lack of Control

You have to lose something if you desire to gain something. The same goes for the outsourcing help desk services. Companies hiring help desk professionals also needed to gain more control over the support process. It worries them because they cannot directly determine their customers’ insights and interactions.

Overcoming Communication Hurdles

Language barriers can lead to misunderstandings. These language and communication differences create misunderstandings and severe operational challenges between organizations and help desk service providers regarding the desired level of customer service.

Addressing Security Concerns

Businesses are always concerned about their security, no matter if it’s cyber or physical. Companies need to share their sensitive information with the help desk service providers, which causes sceptical approaches and raises security concerns.

Super Service Excellence

When help desk service provides work with several organizations, the quality of their service varies due to the extra workload. Some help desk outsourcing professionals may need to work properly according to their expertise, and organizations have a chance of receiving poor and below-average service.

Relying On Third Parties

Sometimes, relying on someone could be intimidating for the organization. Dependent on the third party can bring down your business image because everything now depends on the third party and their impression of work. If they make a mistake, it could directly affect your business reputation and clientele. 

Potential for Turnover

The help desk services staff keeps changing occasionally, leading to poor quality and inconsistent service regarding the quality operations. It can cause problems because of professional’s less knowledge of the organization.

Understanding Customer Perception

Some organizations think hiring a help desk services professional can harm the entire organization. The reason is that they are not a part of the organization and need to take operations or organization issues seriously that break brand values. 

Additional Expenses

At first glance, people think this service is cost-effective. Later, the reality is different because it has hidden costs such as additional service fees, unexpected expenses, extra tools or technological expenses, etc. These issues that are not beneficial for the organization rise over time.

The Conclusion: A Message to Remember!

Well, every picture has two sides, and the same goes for businesses who desire to hire managed IT services professionals for their business operations. As discussed in the article, outsourcing help desk services has advantages and disadvantages. However, an organization can control the element by making smart decisions regarding the business and its necessities.

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